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Auto and truck lifts
Do you want to see over everything...even the other pickup trucks out there a lift kit is what you need, then. a truck lift kit will raise your body or suspension, or a combination of the two, by as little or as much as you want within reason. a lift kit basically comes in two formats the body lift kit and the suspension lift kit. not surprisingly, a body lift kit raises the body on the stock suspension. a suspension lift kit raises the body and frame by altering the height of the suspension components. a lift kit can be tricky to install, given the weights and forces involved. therefore, its a good idea to either have a wellequipped shop to install your lift kit in, or take your lift kit to someone who knows what theyre doing

Auto body shop equipment and supplies
Matrix auto paint system, offers urethane primers, sealers, epoxy primers, etching primers, clearcoats and a color mixing system. finally a complete automotive paint system from undercoats, color and clearcoats at an economical price.

Auto detailing equipment and supplies
Auto detailing equipment supplies

Auto diagnostic equipment, parts, and supplies
Lifts, engine analyzers, handheld testers, engine scopes, emissions testing, performance testers, electroplating, windshield repair, battery charger, power converter, car tools, car equipment, auto tools, auto equipment, automotive tools, automotive equipment, service tools, service equipment.

Auto electric equipment and supplies
Auto electric equipment and supplies

Auto equipment repair
Car lifts and automotive lifts of all kinds, air compressors, jumpstarters, booster packs, battery chargers, welders, plasma metal cutters, parts washers, parts cleaners, cooling system flushing units, carburetor cleaners, oil filter crushers, tool cabinets and chests, ac service machines, alignment machines, antifreeze recyclers, shop cooling fans, brake washers, transmission flushers, air jacks, hydraulic jacks, transmission jacks, jack stands, wheel dollies, atv and motorcycle lift, shop presses, auto shop cranes, tire changers, wheel balancers, brake lathes, engine stands, spray wash cabinets, tube benders and much, much more....

Auto inspection equipment and supplies
Auto inspection equipment and supplies

Auto paint
Automotive paint for customers who have their own professional spray equipment including an air compressor and auto paint gun.

Auto tire shop equipment and supplies
Auto tire shop equipment supplies

Auto towing equipment
Auto towing equipment

Auto washing and polishing equipment and supplies
Complete auto care requires more than washing. automotive paint can incur daily damage from airborne contaminants, dirt, and acid rain. clear coats are not as tough as you might think. to really protect your paint, you need a premium car wax or paint sealant. if damage has already occurred, a quality polish may be able to reverse some of the damage and renew the finish

Brake service equipment and supplies
We love highperformance engines and killer bodywork. but the fact is that nothing on your car or truck is more important than the brakes. whether youve got allwheel disc brakes or an older drum brake configuration, if your brakes cant stop you, thats all thats going to be on your mind. and with newer innovations like antilock brakes also known as abs brakes, keeping your braking system in tiptop shape has never been more essential. when talking about passenger car brakes and light truck brakes, there are a couple of systems involved. the hydraulic brake parts include the brake master cylinder, brake calipers, and brake wheel cylinders, along with brake lines and brake fluid. the friction brake parts include the brake pads, brake shoes, brake discs, brake drums, and associated brake springs and brake rods.

Driver training equipment and supplies
Driver training equipment and supplies

Gas station equipment and supplies
Automobile service station managers supervise the overall operation of service stations. they are responsible for planning and carrying out policies for managing service stations.

Motor oils and greases
Use synthetic motor oil and filtration products for maximum performance and protection.

Motorcycle performance and racing equipment
Equipment for the playing field, indoor activities, motorcycle and marine engines used in highperformance or racing applications.

Race car parts, equipment, and supplies
Racing suits, racing gloves, karting race gear, helments, helmet accessories, junior race gear, armadillo chest protection, sportsman elite firesuit, harnesses and restraints, gear bags and miscellaneous.

Taxicab equipment and supplies
As a result of the spring 2002 mandate that all vehicles be equipped with a security camera, each taxi company has the opportunity to select a vendor from the approved vendor list.

Trailers equipment and supplies
Keep trailer level and make sure it tracks directly behind your vehicle for safer towing, less sway and easier handling with durable and infinitely adjustable ball mounts adjustable ball mounts accommodate a wide range of vehicle heights and are ideal for anyone with more than one trailer or tow vehicle. these ball mounts fit easily on any kind of receiver and can be adjusted even when the trailer is loaded. choose the specific liftdrop you need with reversible ball mounts.complete auto towing package receiver hitches, fifth wheel hitches, bumper hitches, gooseneck hitches, weight distribution hitches and hitch covers.

Truck equipment and supplies
Truck equipment and supplies and accessories

Truck repair equipment and supplies
Heavy equipment mechanics diagnose, adjust, overhaul, and repair bulldozers, cranes, power shovels, and other mobile construction equipment. they may work for construction equipment dealers, farm equipment companies, and state highway agencies. they may also be known as construction equipment mechanics or mobile heavy equipment mechanics.

Truck washing and cleaning equipment and supplies
Quality products cover all aspects of car cleaning and maintenance, from premium wax to interior sponges.

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